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Engage, Experience and Expand Your Horizons

Holding a stone
 Student tours are usually 2 - 3 hours in length, and can include both on the water adventures and classroom experiences. Students can engage with the Gulf of Maine by actually spending time on the water.

EXPERIENCE Students will conduct marine surveys of the ocean floor using an Underwater Remote Operating Vehicle, and collecting and analyzing water samples to better understand the present and future health of the  marine environment.

EXPANDING HORIZONS Students will expand their understanding of the issues that are faced by those who live and work along the Maine coast. Students will work together to suggest solutions to coastal problems. 
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School tours can be conducted for groups of  10 to 30 passengers. Larger groups can be accommodated with one group on land and one at sea for 2 hours at each setting. Trips are conducted along mid-coast Maine. Trips can be scheduled from May to October. 
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