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HYDROTERRA Ocean Education Center (HOEC) offers single visit trips, and multi-visit trips for High School students, school based visits, Homeschool group visits, summer boat trips for students in grades 3 - 12, and tours for the public. 
School visits incorporate  marine geology, biology, stewardship, marine geophysics and local history.  
School based programs provide  experiences with solving issues related to marine geology, biology, and marine geophysics 
Tours for the public provide an introduction to the marine biology and historic geology of the Maine coast.
Private charters can also be arranged.



HYDROTERRA Ocean Education Center is committed to introducing individuals to the resources and geological history of the Gulf of Maine to ensure that future generations will be able to work and play on the ocean. 

HYDROTERRA Ocean Education Center uses a mix of geology, history and marine biology to provide a complete picture of the world above and below the ocean.


Plastic Bag in Ocean
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